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What is Hypnosis?

Do people do things under hypnosis that are against their

morals or values?

Can a person’s memory be erased?

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Do people under hypnosis go to sleep or become unconscious?

What should I do in preparation for my session?

How many sessions will it take to address my issues?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: What is Hypnosis?

A: Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that the average individual reaches daily.  Self-hypnosis is accomplished most often when an individual is absorbed in a TV program, experiencing repetition (highway driving) or day dreaming.  Hypnotherapy is a form of guided relaxation using concentration where the ideas expressed (suggestions) by the therapist are generally experienced more vividly - which in turn creates a new awareness.  Depending on a person’s motivations, there may be a shift in attitude about specific subject matters, such as habits and stress.

Q: Do people do things under hypnosis that are against their morals or values?

A: No.  Hypnosis cannot detach the ego.  As a general rule, if a client were given a suggestion he or she did not agree with, he or she would simply refuse, laugh at it, or awaken from hypnosis.  In stage hypnosis, the volunteers are usually under the influence of alcohol and have come to the show for the purpose of relaxing, acting silly, and having a good time.  Therefore, they are easily encouraged to do so.  Because inhibitions are often reduced under hypnosis, the subject is more likely to experience his or her inner character traits and motivations.  Yet, if an individual deems these inner character traits inappropriate, they do not reveal them.  Beliefs and values continue to stay intact during any act that is influenced with hypnosis.  

Q:  Can a person’s memory be erased?

A: No.  If an individual undergoing hypnosis wants to remember what happened under hypnosis, or have memories from the past, he or she will.  In some cases, if the client wants to forget something, amnesia can be produced with a post-hypnotic suggestion, yet it wears off as quickly as the subject wishes.  However, a certified hypnotherapist can help a person transform a memory, which may be causing problems.  The mind contains unconscious memories, which generally are responsible for our decisions, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors.  

Q: Can everyone be hypnotized?

A: Yes, provided an individual has normal physiological and psychological functioning and therefore the ability to concentrate and relax.  As long as a normal human being is willing, he or she may undergo hypnosis.  Insusceptible people are simply not willing.  There is a positive correlation between a person’s willingness to relax and concentrate and the ability to undergo hypnosis.  

Q: Do people under hypnosis go to sleep or become unconscious?

A: No.  An individual should not expect to go to sleep.  Hypnosis is a state of hyper-awareness that feels very relaxing.  An individual is completely aware of everything that is occurring in the surrounding environment, as well as that which is happening in the inner mind.  Hypnosis is a state of consciousness located somewhere between awake and asleep.  Some fatigued people may go out of hypnosis by falling into natural sleep, simply because they are tired.  In this case, if a person is trying to recall a memory, he or she can’t do so while sleeping, so he or she needs to be awakened.  On the other hand, if a person is listening to a self-hypnosis tape and falls out of hypnosis into sleep, the suggestions will likely still be effective.  Sleep is also a learning state.  

Q: What should I do in preparation for my session?

A:  Please refrain from using caffeine during the 6 hours prior to your session.  This allows easier entrance into hypnosis.  Wearing comfortable, unrestrictive clothing may help you to feel more relaxed.

Q: How many sessions will it take to address my issue?

A:  That depends on what you’ll be working on.  When the goal is regression, most clients are very happy with one regression session.   When the goal is to change a habit, the standard protocol involves 3 sessions of hypnotherapy along with daily affirmations and audio reinforcement.  For example – A client that wants to let go of weight would come for an initial hypnotherapy session, and then at home, listen to a reinforcement audio CD for the next 6 days. The client would come for a second session that includes any adjustments needed in the suggestions, and again listen to an updated reinforcement audio CD for the next 6 days.  The client would come for a third session wrapping up any loose ends and again making any adjustments needed in the suggestions.  The client would continue to listen to the next updated CD for at least 6 more days.  It’s scientifically proven that when you make a change that lasts for 21 days, it becomes habit.  We’re making a new – healthier set of habits allowing the client to let go of weight.


Abdominal difficulties/discomfort


Academic Performance

Addiction Relapse Prevention

Adult Survivors



Akashic Records






Athletic Ability/Excellence

Autoimmune Diseases

Becoming Sensitive to your Energy


Burn Patients


Cardiovascular Disorders

Chakra Balancing




Control of Bleeding

Dentistry (General Anxiety/ Bruxism)

Developing Higher Level of Creativity

Difficulties with Moods and  


Ego Strengthening

Exercise Motivation

Freedom from Pain of Shame, Guilt,


Fear of an Animal


Improving Sexual Functioning

Improving Reading Ability            

Inner Healing-Forgiveness


Job Performance

Migraine Headaches


Menopause-Hot Flashes

Muscle Spasms


Nighttime Depression

Overcoming Hopelessness

Out of Body Experiences

Pain Control

Pain Reduction

Past Life Therapy

Phobias: Fear of Flying

               Fear of Public Speaking

               Fear of Snakes, etc.


Pregnancy (First, Second & Third


Prostate Symptoms



Sales Motivation

Skin Care

Smoking Cessation



Weight Reduction

White Light of Protection

and much, much more…….

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Letting Go of Weight

February 26, 2006

I have been in a constant struggle with my weight since college.  I have tried every diet out there and successfully lost weight on a few of them, but I always put the weight right back on.  

For health reasons, I must lose weight.  I began the “Letting Go of Weight” hypnosis session at 5’4”, weighing 203 pounds - the most I have ever weighed.  I was open minded, but left with a feeling that not much had happened in the room.  I sure was wrong!  It is now 38 days later and I have let go of 18 pounds.  I no longer crave junk food and sweets.  I listen to Cathy’s CD nightly and have 3 sensible meals a day.  I do not feel deprived and I have a true feeling that this hypnotherapy experience has put me on the road to a healthier, happier me.




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