Supporting the

Body, Mind and Spirit

with Sound.

Stress has been identified by medical science as the major cause of, or contributor to, many diseases...from heart attack and stroke to chronic headaches and hypertension.  With the awareness of the dangers inherent in unreleased stress as come the search for effective means of dealing with it.  In his book The Relaxation Response, Dr. Herbert Benson reported a significant decrease in stress level indication by those who listened to certain types of music or practiced repeating certain calming phrases within their minds.  The effects of specific sounds and ‘vibrations’ on the physiological and psychological systems have come to be recognized as an important new form of therapy and have produced some amazing results.

Recognizing the need for effective stress reduction is what BETAR® is all about.  By incorporating the full body of knowledge relative to sound and music therapy, with the latest technology in acoustic design and innovating an ‘envelope’ geodesic speaker configuration with direct contact transducers, we believe we have developed a tool for releasing deep levels of stress previously inaccessible by any other means.  Very pure low-level subliminal frequencies coupled with high-level, near-perfect music and a series of subtly vibrating transducers combine to resonate the body, almost like a massage from the inside out.  The reports of the more than 2500 people who have experienced BETAR™ during its six-year development cycle have been unanimously favorable.  Many have reported that BETAR® has precipitated extremely positive changes in their lives.

 Ride BETAR® may be the very best thing that you ever do for yourself.

In the beginning were radio and records -- small speakers, tinny sound, but it was music.  Then came Hi-Fi, followed by stereo and quadraphonic - better speakers and the wonderful illusion of dimensional sound.  We thought we had gone about as far as we could go.  Then with the advent of digital recording and CDs we discovered a whole new purity of sound previously only dreamed of.

Now another quantum leap has been made - a combination of eight speakers with eight contact transducers in a phase conjunction mode, all engineered into a geodesic configuration and driven by the latest state-of-the-art top-end audio equipment.  This new technology for the first time ever gives us the ability to actually experience total music...this new technology is BETAR®.

BETAR® is a totally unique experience - perfect acoustics, pure sound and the innovative configuration of speakers and

transducers bathing the body in sound, giving many the feeling that they are actually floating inside the music.  Seven years of research and testing in acoustic design, music and sound therapy and deep stress reduction have resulted in what we feel to be a profound new sound sensation.  If you think there’s no such thing as too much fun, ride BETAR® will move you!

“Entered the experience with tightness in my shoulders, after, tightness was completely gone.  The sensations during the experience were fun and relaxing.  My feeling is that all senses were at one time or another (sometimes simultaneously) stimulated favorably.  I released quickly my awareness of time, in itself very relaxing.  Felt some amazing movement, both internally and externally, emotionally and physically  Great dynamic experience.”


“Prior to experiencing BETAR® I was skeptical, now I’m a true believer...immediate results...feeling of lightness..slightly altered perception, especially of colors...relaxed without any bad feeling...good sleep overnight and awoke without any bad feelings for the first time in years.  Very positive and pleasant feelings.  I want to tell everyone about it.  (I feel) less back, neck and shoulder tension.  (It seems) clarity is increased for reading or visual interpretations.  Several layers of hang-ups peeled away on first experience.  I recommend it for everyone.”

Advertising Executive

“I experienced BETAR® during the chemotherapy process and found that the closer to the chemo treatment that I experienced BETAR®, the faster I bounced back to a feeling of health and well being.  During the last few months of chemo treatment, I would go to BETAR® on Tuesdays, receive chemo on Wednesdays and then be back at work, feeling fine on Thursday.  I feel that the weekly BETAR® experiences are a big part of moving through chemotherapy and past the cancer experience with more energy and vibrant health of mind, body and spirit.  That was in 2004, and I now continue to “ride” the BETAR® weekly, and am healthier than I’ve ever been!”

Cathy D., hypnotherapist

“(I) started out apprehensive concerning the volume of music and how I would ‘tolerate’ those songs I disliked.  It did not take me any time to dissolve the concern over music volume and I was amazed at how much I was enthralled by songs I thought I disliked.  I sincerely felt that I was part of the music and felt my body assume the beat.  Total Relaxation.”

Bank Vice President

“What a treat!  It was a wonderful relaxing experience.  Nothing far out happened, but it was so totally peaceful to all parts of me and at times I was not aware that my body and legs were even attached to my mind.  It was really worth the time to me.”

Office Worker

“As I went into the experience I felt very receptive.  At the same time, I had lower back discomfort and upper back pain before and during the session.  Immediately after, I began to feel a reduction in the intensity of the pain and

Within four hours was pain fee and harmonious throughout my being...At one point in the session, I felt as if the music were inside my body.  In summary, I felt much more alive, in harmony and energetic throughout the day.”


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