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April 28, 2006

First Past Life Regression Experience

If you had asked me before tonight if I believed in past lives I'd had to say no. Recently though, I've become open minded enough to think, "What if?" I'm so glad I've given myself the gift of "Possibility", for tonight first time ever, I went through group hypnosis past life regression. This is what happened to me.

As our therapist (Cathy Daniels), guided us to the door that would lead us to our past life, it was dark. I walked through, nothing. She gave us a series of questions. "Where are you? What are you wearing? What or who do you see? Etc. etc. I could see nothing. We progressed 3-5 years in that life and repeated the questions. Again, nothing came to mind. It was dark and blank. I was aware of my growling stomach. I mentally berated myself for wasting my time and for wanting to believe in this "foolishness." "Of course there is no such thing as past lives," I tell myself. The more I tried to "see" something, the more frustrated I got at the blankness. I literally was on the verge of tears and had to fight to keep them from falling. I was also very aware of the music and of two different clocks on opposite sides of the room. They were slightly off sync (tic, tic, tic) yet I don't remember seeing or hearing the clocks later upon awakening. Finally, I just gave up trying and decided to just enjoy the relaxation of being still and quiet.

The mind is a curiously strange and powerful thing. While a part of my brain remained in the present, aware and complaining of being cold, hungry, uncomfortable and pragmatic about wasting time, there was another part that apparently was quietly viewing a past life and retaining it. I thought I had seen nothing, but when I awoke, I began writing furiously, remembering everything and yet questioning myself. "Where could this have possibly come from?" I didn't "remember" physically seeing these events, yet even now hours later are still clear in my mind's eye.

Upon walking through the "door" I found myself in a large open meadow with nothing around, no buildings and no people. The grasses were green as green could be, long and cool beneath my bare feet. The sky was expansive with a bright warming sunshine. I see the back of me, not my face. My long, curled tresses, hung almost to my waistline. They shone so golden in the sunshine. I wore a long, flowing, white dress. Medieval times? Maybe, but definitely a time of simplicity and peace.

Progress a few years and there's a wedding. I see a floor length, white dress with lace, but very simple in adornment. I remember most a wreath of fresh daisies on my head with my hair down and satin ribbons flowing down the back. I recall the sensation of walking down the aisle (no bridal procession) with people on both sides. I couldn't see any people, only the feeling that they were there. Looking ahead down the aisle, I couldn't see the priest or my soon to be husband, only sensed them also. (Side note: Priest, interesting word choice as in my present life I've never been Catholic)

Again, she progresses us about three years. This time I sense being completely alone again. Apparently, something has happened to my husband during that time. I'm in the doorway of my humble, wooden cottage, watching the rising morning sun. I feel the hard dirt floor under my bare feet, my long skirt brushing my ankles. I turn my face to the warmth of the rising sun and with a contented smile reach down and rest my hands on my rounded belly. I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming feelings of pure joy with the realization of a life in there. I was 7-8 months pregnant. I could really truly feel it. I have never been pregnant in this life so could have no way of knowing what it felt like, yet this sensation was very real.

Again, we progress and were asked to go to the one event that showed our greatest accomplishment of this past life. Here I was sitting at the head of a long table in my small cottage. I could see the sun setting beyond through the window. But I clearly remember the table, hand hewn, dark wood, well worn, and very rustic. My hair was pulled up and faded. As I looked down the table I saw the smiling faces of my six children, 3 on each side. At this time they were young adults. I had raised them entirely on my own in the middle of nowhere. I thought I only ever had the one (as no man around) and may have adopted the rest, but they all seemed to be of the same age suggesting possible sextuplets. I remember thinking this was my greatest accomplishment in this life, raising six fine young men and women. I was happy and felt extremely fulfilled.

Wishful thinking? Vivid imagination? Or could it possibly be truly a past life? One thing is for sure, the emotions were extremely powerful and pure. I do believe I am changed for having been able to witness this life. Now whenever I feel sad or depressed for not being married or having children in this life, I can still go back to that one and relive the joy and the emotions. It also gives me hope for the future.

Amy Tucker



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