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Enhance your relationship

with your companion animal.

Compassionate problem solving with all species through telepathic



Consultations by phone,

In person or by e-mail.


** Please, when you first contact

me - I’d prefer that you  share with me only your animal friend’s name, age, sex and species - no other details.  I feel it’s best to first communicate with a “clean slate”, and then go back for requested information later.


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“If you talk to the animals,

they will talk with you and you

will know each other.  If you

do not talk to them, you will

not know them - and what

you do not know, you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.”


-Chief Dan George


It’s a special gift that I’m honored to share - to aid in the communication with those special souls who cannot speak for themselves.

     - Cathy Daniels, CHt., RMT  





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